Galpão Express : Frisomat Delta+

The Frisomat Delta is a smart, easy to mount, quality hangar with a saddle roof. Made from pre fabricated galvanized steel along European quality targets, it is resistant and sturdy. The modular system makes it always extensible. Your industrial steel building will grow with your needs. Matsul sells and erects warehouses with extremely short delivery times in Rio Grande Do Sul, Santa Catarina and Parana.


The Delta+, specially adapted for Brazil, has a traditional gable roof with a slope of 10° (or 18%), a ventilated ridge and the standard RAL 9003 white color has good heat reflective properties.  A 2 foiled gate is standard, as well as translucent sheets in the roof for daylight.  Options are gutters, thermal insulation, extra ventilation, wide and XXL-doors and so on.

immediate available

Designed as a standardized customization, all cladding, panels, columns are pattern made in our factory in Monte Mor, SP along a limited number of standard sizes. When not on stock, parts can be rapidly produced using the latest state-of-the art technology. Combined with little foundation needs, and the fact that the parts just need to be bolted together on the erection site, extremely short delivery is possible. Compact and lightweight parts, make transport and manipulation easy, thus enabling a budget-friendly result.


This type of building suits a wide range of applications, like warehouse or workshop, production facility, general storage, bulk storage when built on or equipped with a flood wall, barn, etc… we are happy to see that our customers still add applications we never thought about !  Yes, it may serve to guard your collection of classic cars !  And what about an aviary to breed rare birds?

conform ABNT norms

The cold rolled steel is all galvanized which guarantees longevity, the structure is light but rigid. Calculated to ABNT norms it will survive winds up to 180 km/h (50 m/s wind region V in south Brazil)  To reach this, we adapt steel thickness and column pitch, when needed.  Thence, when asking us a quote, we will always consider the exact location and rugosity of the construction site, guaranteeing your harvester, or your biplane to survive the fiercest storm.

This all-steel all-galvanized saddle roof warehouse has 4 wall heights and 5 span widths to choose from.

The length starts at 13m and is unlimited, for span width we offer 8, 10, 12, 15 and 16m, and wall hight can be 3,4,5 and in some cases -depends the wind region - 6m high. At all times the Delta can be expanded by adding more segments. This is easy because our system is modular and just bolted on site.