2 new Omega’s to extend an airfield

Frisomat Galpão Express barn type Omega is available with XXL doors up to 18m wide and 5 m high. Widely used on airfields and farms to safely store airplanes, helicopters and large farm equipment like combine harvesters. Also frequently used in mining, and as temporary shelter on large construction sites. Very good price per square meter.

Villerupt, France, close from the border with Luxemburg and Belgium. This private owned airfield hosts small aircraft, VLT’s, historic aircraft, like a 1916 Nieuport biplane, and helicopters.

All these airplanes are stored safely in Frisomat Buildings. Some Sigma’s, but mostly in Omega’s. Up till now Frisomat erected 22 buildings here. And this number keeps growing, as the owner is pleased with Frisomat and the quality of its products. Today we add 2 more Omega’s to the infrastructure. Each Omega is 15m wide, 13m long and 5,5m high.

For easy access of the planes, they are equipped with xxl sliding doors made of 3 wings each. The door guiding rail extends outside of the building, making the door opening almost as wide as the building itself.

The newer development of this type of building, called the Omega+ also has an 100% galvanized steel frame.

You will notice that in this case, the floor is casted after the erection. The opposite is also possible : first the floor plate and foundation is casted after which the structure is bolted onto it.

Notice also the thermal insulation, this keeps the interior fresh in summer and also protects against humidity caused by condensation.