A brand new Omega+ on a farm in Uruçui

Frisomat Galpão Express barn type Omega is available with XXL doors up to 18m wide and 5 m high. Widely used on airfields and farms to safely store airplanes, helicopters and large farm equipment like combine harvesters. 

The farms in the interior of the state of Piaui are large, very large.  Farms the size of 20,000 hectares or more are no exception. This industrial scale of farming requires investing in very large farm equipment and also in agricultural planes.   A farm close from Uruçui bought a brand new Embraer Ipanema and needed a hangar to protect its investment.  The Frisomat Omega was a logic choice: widely used for hangaring planes, a short delivery time, rapid construction and mounted with the help of the farming personnel.

This Omega was the first of the new type (Omega+) produced and erected in Brazil.  The new type uses straight beams connected with joints to make a beautiful bow. There is really a lot of space inside, enough to garage 2 to 3 planes with all their gear and maintenance equipment.

  • span size : 18 m
  • length : 21 m
  • height : 6,7 m
  • surface : 380 m2

The XXL door is 15m wide and 5m high. It has 6 sections pending from a rail, which makes it light to open and close.

After the floor was casted and ready, all the parts were transported to Piaui on just one truck.  The structural parts were assembled and then erected with a truck crane. When the trusses and the heavy rail beam were in place, the cladding could begin. All of the structure was then cladded with corrugated sheet.  This sheet is galvanised and prepainted in white to reflect most of the sun's heat.  Very useful in Piaui ! It's very hot there,  40° now in november while mounting. So we were happy to get shadow as the work on the roof continued. Dealing with the heat was the biggest challenge, the mounting itself is straightforward enough as everything is bolted together.  In total it took 10 days to erect this building.

Once finished, the pilot was very happy to park his new bird inside.